KXL Everyday Hero – Rafael Cox

Portland, Ore. — Rafael Cox, a Life Scout from Scouts BSA Troop 229, Cascade Pacific Council, is on a mission to provide essential support to children in foster care with sensory needs. Recognizing the challenges faced by these children, Rafael has initiated a fundraiser to create specialized GoBags designed to address their unique requirements.

The GoBags are personal duffle bags equipped with a weighted blanket and other sensory items to provide comfort and support to children navigating the foster care system. Rafael aims to raise a minimum of $4,000 to provide at least 30 GoBags to children in need. However, he hopes to surpass this goal, potentially raising $5,000 or $6,000 to extend assistance to even more children with sensory challenges.

Funds raised beyond the initial target will be allocated towards additional GoBags and may also be directed to Multnomah County Human Services to benefit children within the foster care system directly.

Rafael’s project and fundraising endeavor have received approval from the Cascadia District of the Cascade Pacific Council, BSA. With this initiative, Rafael seeks to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children facing sensory issues within the foster care system.