Internal Investigation Reveals Former Head Of Police Union Falsely Leaked Information To Media

PORTLAND, Ore. — An internal investigation reveals former Portland Police Association President Brian Hunzeker violated department policy when he leaked to the press a confidential report about a hit and run crash falsely accusing City Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty.

The results of the investigation were released on Thursday.  It reveals Hunzeker’s action were taken in retaliation for Hardesty’s criticism of police officers.  It further states Hunzeker and the other police officers involved did not imply any racial malice.

There’s no word on what disciplinary action they might face.  Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell says he will make the results of the disciplinary action public because of the attention this situation has received.  Usually, employee records are held privately.

Earlier this month, Commissioner Hardesty filed a $5 million lawsuit against Brian Hunzeker, those other officers, the Portland Police Association, and in an unprecedented move, she’s suing the city of Portland that she still works for for $1.

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