Help a Child Who’s Never Had a Birthday Cake

There’s an organization that matches foster children with bakers to make sure every child gets cake on their birthday!  For Goodness Cakes is a nation wide organization that has volunteers bake birthday cakes for kids in need.  These may be kids in the foster care system, those living on the streets or in homeless shelters, or children who have been through adversity.   Bakers don’t have to be professional, and the whole family can get involved!   Some people pair up.  One bakes, the other decorates.  The idea is to get a cake to a child who in a lot of cases, has never had a birthday cake before.  Volunteers are always needed.


Click here to sign up.  Some volunteers don’t actually bake the cakes, they help deliver them, so even if you aren’t a whiz in the kitchen, you can still help!

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The Portland Chapter is holding a bake sale this weekend as a fundraiser.   It’s 10am -1pm Saturday at 244 NE 28th Street in Portland


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