Heading to Mt. Hood?   Stop for Breakfast!

Businesses near Oregon’s recreation areas rely on tourists to bring in the big bucks to get them through the slower times of the year.

Rory Clingbill hopes you’ll stop by for breakfast before you hit the slopes of Mt. Hood, or Prime Rib on the way home!    She’s the owner of Dragonfly Cafe & Bakery.   If you watch her work, you’ll be amazed at how much energy she has, and you’ll realize how hard it is to run a small business!  Rory says finding good employees is one of her biggest challenges, and feels lucky to have a few of them.  She’s pictured here with longtime employee LeAnn, who also gave me tips of how to get to some really great nature walks and waterfalls near Mt. Hood.


Rory’s cooking style is good, old-fashioned food.   You can hear her story here:


Photo by Veronica Carter
Photo by Veronica Carter
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