East Precinct’s Neighborhood Response Team Conducts Successful Mission To Combat Crime

Portland, Ore. — The Portland Police Bureau has released a statement on a successful mission conducted by the East Precinct’s Neighborhood Response Team. The mission, which took place on Tuesday, March 21, aimed to address crimes affecting livability, including retail theft, in the Menlo Park neighborhood.

The mission involved a high visibility presence by officers and included visits to multiple businesses in the area. The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Transit Police were also involved and were highly active and visible along the MAX line at 122nd Avenue.

During the mission, multiple drivers of vehicles attempted to evade police and occupants inside the vehicle fled on foot. However, with the assistance of the Air Support Unit, the police were able to apprehend all of these individuals.

In total, the mission resulted in 26 arrests, including 15 for felony charges and 17 for misdemeanor charges. 17 felony warrants and 15 misdemeanor warrants were also serviced. The operation also resulted in the seizure of two illegally possessed firearms and the capture of three stolen vehicles.

The day began with an early morning roll call attended by members of the Menlo Business Association, an example of community policing at its best. The partnership between community members and law enforcement played a vital role in making the mission a success.

The Portland Police Bureau is committed to working with community members to address issues affecting livability in the city’s neighborhoods. The success of this mission is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the officers involved, as well as the partnership between the police and the community.