Watch the Thrill of Dragon Boat Racing on the Waterfront!
Photo by Veronica Carter

It’s Dragon Boat Racing season.   During the Rose Festival, 45 teams will compete on the Willamette River.  Right now those teams are practicing several

times a week.  Walk down to the waterfront on a Saturday morning and you’ll see team after team hit the water.  There are only eight boats, so there’s a pretty tight practice

schedule so that everyone gets a turn.

Photo by Veronica Carter

I joined my colleague, Peggy La Point from KINK 101.9 out on the boat with the NO TEACHER LEFT BEHIND team.

They tell us anyone can participate.  You don’t have to be an athlete or have any prior experience.  There are teams of teenagers and for those 55 and up, and everything in between.

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Photo by Veronica Carter


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