Concert to Benefit Homeless Students in Aloha

Homelessness is not just a Portland problem.  It’s not just an adult problem either.   Just at Aloha High School for example, there are over 250 students experiencing insecurity when it comes to housing.

A concert is being held tonight to raise money for homeless students at Aloha High School. Music in the Valley is organized by the Dimple Care Foundation, a nonprofit run by students at International School of Beaverton. 11th grader Jacob Van and senior Nicholas Shatalov are part of a group of young people who’ve been working hard to make this fundraiser a success. I talked to them about why they’d give up their free time to help students from other schools.  You can hear their story here:

The concert called “Music In The Valley” starts at 6 tonight at Scholls Valley Lodge.  Tickets are $10, and if you can’t attend, you can donate at this link.

The concert features a wide variety of musicians who have volunteered their time to support this cause, from Julliard-trained Baritone Opera Singer Anton Belov, who’s voice has been described as “rich” and “mellifluous” by New York Times and even featured in Carnegie Hall, to young 12-year-old Malina Dodd, who has a strong passion for the school and community theatre productions she has participated in.

Dimple Care Foundation was founded in 2022 to support underprivileged youths in the community and abroad. For the past year, this youth-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization has fundraised tens of thousands of dollars to support orphans in Ukraine as well as high school students with cancer.

Phot courtesy of Jacob Van
Photo courtesy of Jacob Van
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