Believe in Portland Campaign Underway

There’s a movement underway to bring back the Portland of old. It’s called Believe in Portland.

The negativity that Portland has seen for the last few years hurts people who love the city, and small business owners. Adam Milne is both. He’s owned Old Town Pizza for more than two decades. He says while he was shut down during COVID he decided that if and when he was able to reopen, he wanted to do something positive. First, he rebranded his beer labels to reflect iconic things about Portland. Next came t-shirts with the theme Believe in Portland. Ten dollars from the sale of every shirt goes to a different non-profit every month. You can hear more here:


Photo courtesy of Old Town Pizza

Milne is hoping the shirts inspire Portlanders to feel positive about the city. He’s also hoping other small businesses will get involved and sell the shirts.  You can get them at Old Town Pizza, or here.

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