Oregon City, Or. – Two men are in custody after the armed hold up of a Rite Aid store at the Oregon City Shopping Center on McLoughlin Blvd. Police say 21 year old Austin Keever-Nyberg walked into the store with a knife and jumped the pharmacy counter. He ordered workers to get on the ground and then took off with some meds, threatening another worker as he left the store. He took off on foot and police brought in a K-9 to look for him.

Police say Keever-Nyberg returned to the shopping center and ran to a parked car which tried to take off. Police stopped the car and took Keever-Nyberg and the driver 19 year old Jacob Peterson into custody. Keever-Nyberg faces charges of robbery, coercion, menacing and unlawful use of a weapon. Peterson faces a robbery charge. Below is a picture of Peterson.



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