Annual Portland Business Alliance Survey Shows Elected Officials In The City In Trouble

PORTLAND, Ore. — An annual survey conducted for the Portland Business Alliance by DHM Research asked 500 voters for their thoughts on a number of issues.  88% say the quality of life in Portland is getting worse.  45% say homelessness is the biggest issue followed by crime at 24%.  That’s up from 1% in 2020.

Andrew Hoan, CEO for PBA, says he’s not surprised at the results and voters are hyper-focused on what’s wrong and think current political leaders are not effective at bringing change.

Pollsters found 18% would re-elect City Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty, 54% would vote for someone else with 28% undecided.  10% say they would re-elect City Commissioner Dan Ryan, 34% would vote for someone else and 56% say they’re not sure.  Both have challengers in the May election.  More could jump into those races.

In the realm of public safety, voters want money to go for body cameras on Portland Police Officers and hiring new officers.  More money for police in general.  They also want prosecutors to help stop crime by allocating dollars to groups that can help prevent crimes.

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