I see the evidence that Marie Perez, member of congress, just got “mugged”, metaphorically speaking of course.

Less than one year ago this hard-left democrat rejected republican proposals to clamp down on America’s wide open borders, where a Biden sponsored invasion has seen 10 million illegals cross in just 3 years.

Four months ago, Perez dismissed concerns about the invasion: quote, “nobody stays awake at night worrying about the Southern border.”

She said it.

Yet a new Harris poll show more than half of ALL Americans support Donald Trump’s call for mass deportations.

That includes 42% of democrats.

Well, Perez wants voters in the 3rd district to re-elect her.

So, she’s done a 180.

This week, Perez called for reinstating Title 42, the federal law President Trump used to bring about the lowest level of illegal aliens in decades.

Joe Biden reversed that Trump policy.

In a letter to Open Borders Joe this week, Perez and 5 other democrats demanded “We (call) on President Biden to use (executive authority) to immediately reimplement (federal law)  and we are calling (for) legislation to give the Border Patrol back the expulsion authority that expired last year.

That’s what famously happens when a liberal gets mugged…instant conservative.

Let’s hope voters remember that Perez opponent, Joe Kent, demanded tough borders all along.  Perez only “got religion” when she got desperate.

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