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Ya’ll, We Do The News, Not Propaganda

Fair warning.  We’re coming upon a time (impeachment, election) when news professionals are likely to make you and everyone else mad at us.

Good.  That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

We hear a lot from news consumers who are staunch Trump supporters complaining about “all the negative news about POTUS” and how our news operation should report more positive stories about Trump and his administration.

We’ll get similar attention from anti-Trump folks who call us out for being “too nice” to the current President.  Of course, we get the “fascist” tag from them too.

Alright.  So you are fully aware, kind listener (Trump supporter or Trump hater), what you so badly want from us is the very same thing as propaganda.  

No matter what you think of it – that’s what you’re asking us to do.

Just so you are aware.

So with respect I must tell you, KXL’s news department does not exist to make you feel good about your support or hatred for President Trump.  We are not here to give you propaganda.

We are here to try and help make you the most well-informed U.S. Citizen and voter you can be, telling the most essential stories with the time we have, whether you “like” those stories or not.  Sorry (not sorry).

And before you say anything, yes, we know exactly what we’re doing.

Talk show hosts and political talking-heads (dirty little secret) are designed to give you your “Rah Rah Trump” or “Trump Sucks!” stuff for the day.  That’s what they are paid to give you and they know exactly what they’re doing too.  Talk to corporate media bosses and they’ll tell you.  That’s what those folks are meant for.

That’s not what we are paid for in news.  Now, if you want one of these news jobs, come try and get one.  Then you can do your propaganda however you want.

Otherwise, to you Trump haters, KXL’s news department didn’t hold back impeachment proceedings against POTUS, Congress did.

To you Trump supporters, KXL’s news department is not impeaching the President.  Congress is.

And you can’t tell me, however you feel, that you don’t want to know how all of this is going.  And if you don’t, too bad, we’re gonna give it to you anyway.  

If Pro-Trump or Anti-Trump propaganda is all you want and expect from the news, I am here to tell you, the news is going to tick you off a lot over the next 18 months. 

And we are going to be proud to do so.

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