Windows Smashed, Two Women Face Charges In Monday Night Protest

PORTLAND, Ore. — Windows were smashed during a protest in Portland on Monday night and police made two arrests.

About 100 people gathered at Woodlawn Park in Northeast Portland and headed over to North Precinct, breaking windows at several businesses including two restaurants, a store, bank and the non-profit Blazers Boys & Girls Club.

The gathering was declared an unlawful assembly by police.

Two women were arrested for what police say were criminal activities at a U.S. Bank on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Killingsworth.  27-year-old Emma Lightstone and 27 year-old Emily Keppler are charged with felony riot and criminal mischief.

Emma Lightstone, 27.
Emily Keppler, 27.






The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said Tuesday afternoon that the office has charged Lightstone and Keppler.  It is alleged that the pair used a hammer to damage an ATM and windows at the bank.

Participants say the gathering was on behalf of George Floyd as a jury now deliberates in the trial of the former officer accused of killing him.

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