There are a lot of creative, inventive people in the Northwest.   Once you’ve come up with the best hot sauce, jam, candy, or wine, how do you get a grocery store, restaurant or deli to sell it for you?  You may need a middle man.  That’s where Brian and Rachel Howard come in.  They own Madison Lane in Wilsonville, and their job is to be your voice to the buyers.

They tell your story, how and why you came up with your delicious food.  They pitch it to the buyers, and set up meetings so you can let them taste it.  The idea is to get them to put it on their store shelves so you make money.

Specialty Foods helps you make sure it’s ready to sell.  You’re the expert on making the food, they’re the experts on making sure it’s packaged correctly with UPC codes and ready to ship.

A lot of new products from the Northwest were featured at the DPI Specialty Food Show at the Oregon Convention Center (and buy the way Annette Newell and Veronica Carter from KXL tasted their way through that food show, and say “YUM!”)




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