“Will Work for Food”

The pandemic put the brakes on a food assistance program in Portland.   Sisters of the Road opened a cafeteria style cafe several decades ago at 133 NW 6th Ave, and has a unique approach to providing meals to the needy.  You either pay $1.50 for a meal, or you can work it off in the cafe.  Because of social distancing rules, the organization had to switch to a take-out meal system and lost about 70% of the workforce. They launched a fundraising campaign called Full Plate Project to keep operating, and hope to get back to”normal” once the threat from the virus is no longer around.

In 1979 Sandy Gooch and Genevieve Nelson open the Cafe with $10.00 and barter for the rent!   In the last few years they’ve launched the Healthy Plate Project and started focusing on a food justice program.  There is also an in-house farm stand and manage Greeley Garden along with the Urban Farm Collective.


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