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Will This Become A “Pocket Impeachment”?? Hmm…

Could House Speaker Nancy Pelosi execute a “pocket impeachment” in 2020?

We’re still waiting on Pelosi to send articles of impeachment over to the Senate for trial.  Meanwhile, senators are still debating how a trial might proceed.

However, a writer for CNBC thinks Pelosi might just keep an open “pocket impeachment” lingering through the next election cycle.

An excerpt from the CNBC article;

She could say: “I’m not sending these articles of impeachment over to the Senate. There’s no point in doing so. The majority leader has made it clear that he has no interest in a ‘fair trial.’ There’s no point in wasting everyone’s time and taxpayer money to arrive at a decision that Republican senators have already made. Everyone, including each and every Republican member of the Senate, knows that President Trump did exactly what he stands accused of doing. And impeachment is a fact. So we’ll let it stand as is; a monument to the president’s dishonesty and corruption, to be contemplated and remembered by Americans for generations to come.”

You could understand how keeping this historic impeachment hanging over President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign might be useful for Democrats.

Naturally, you could also understand how the Trump camp might use such a “pocket impeachment” to keep the Republican voter base fired up.

Here’s an intriguing video on YouTube that breaks things down.  Take a look;

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