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Will Portland’s Mayor Order Shelter In Place?

Portland, Or. – Willamette Week reports Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is considering a shelter in place order because of the coronavirus. It says he’s shared a 10 page draft proposal with Multnomah County leaders. Willamette Week says under the order, people would still be able to go to the grocery store and doctor and  those with jobs considered essential could still go to work. Six counties in the San Francisco area have been sheltering in place since earlier this week.

We’ve asked on our KXL Facebook page whether  people think the mayor should issue the shelter in place order. Among the comments we’ve received are “the nation should be on lockdown for 30 days. All together. On the same page. No bills. No work. Nothing but essentials. ” Another comment is “We should do what we did during the swine flu panic in 09. Nothing !” Another post says “as long as it doesn’t restrict travel for work, medical and grocery runs, I’ll comply.”

The mayor’s office issued this statement this morning:

A shelter-in-place policy is in consideration.

The Mayor is exploring this option because all important measures cities can take related to protecting public health are being considered. We are currently seeking guidance from public health experts before taking any action. We’ll follow their lead and defer to their recommendation.

We’ll let you know if we move forward.

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