Wildfire Santiam Canyon Mass Devastation

SALEM, Ore. — Marion County Commissioners heard the latest from Sheriff Joe Kast about how badly the Sanitam Canyon has been impacted by the Beachie Creek Fire.  10 to 80,000 trees need to be removed near Highway 22 because there’s danger of them falling.

Detroit Lake’s two marinas have burned down.  Boats remaining in the lake are being trailered out one at a time.  There is nothing left of the Detroit water system.  In the Gates and Lyons areas, at least 200 of some 400 homes have burned to the ground.

Commissioners and Marion County Emergency Management anticipate that all infrastructure in the Santiam Canyon will need to be replaced.

The county plans to ease rebuilding paperwork so as not to make things excessively difficult for already devastated families.

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