What is Ranked Choice Voting?


Voters in Oregon will decide this November whether to institute a new election process called Ranked Choice Voting and KXL spoke with advocates that were for and against the new proposal of voting.

Blair Bobier, a co-founder of Oregon Ranked Choice Voting Advocates says:

“With our current choose one elections, voters might feel compelled to vote for a candidate that they really don’t like, but they feel is a more viable candidate. With rank choice voting, voters don’t have to make that kind of choice because instead of just choosing one candidate, they get to rank the candidates in order of preference 123. So rank choice voting gives folks more options, more voices, more choices and gives power back to the voters where that belongs.”

Ben Roche, the Chair of the Linn County Republican Central Committee has a different explanation of the process:

“Our election system in Oregon is one citizen, one vote. And what rank choice voting does is it disenfranchises the voters because not all of their votes will be counted if they cannot choose to rank all of the candidates on their ballot. Oregon and the United States does not have compulsory voting. We are not required to vote. It’s our patriotic duty to vote and so rank choice voting. It really dilutes our voice as a voter slick sales pitch, that it’s more fair because it’s really not.”

Whether it’s common Plurality Voting or Ranked Choice Voting both sides continue to disagree on what’s best for Oregon voters.