What Are You Doing At 4am?

Today is Giving Tuesday. An event started by a cultural center in New York City five years ago.

It’s the official start to the charitable season. All kinds of organizations will be making an appeal today. One of the ones that caught our eye was a campaign by Tillamook Creamery. They want to raise money for future farmers of America. Farmers are usually early risers, so, Tillamook will donate $100 to the Future Farmers of America for each qualified social media post on the official Tillamook Facebook page. They want a photo or video of what your 4am/first thing in the morning looks like.
The goal is to raise a total of $50,000 for the FFA. The campaign runs through Thursday.


Here’s Producer Jacob and Rebecca hard at work at 4am.  Steve is here too but we couldn’t find him for the pic.  That’s Dave King in the background.




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