Weird Food that Actually Tastes Good!

There are some pretty strange food combinations out there!   We decided to delve into what people eat that others might find really weird.

Steamed Zucchini with Mayo anyone?    How about Gelfite or how about Kusaya. My friend Mami Matsuda says it makes the whole house smell like an overflowed toilet while being grilled but it is delicious!! (“Kusaya” literally means “smelly fish”).

A lot of people mix things with Peanut Butter.   Peanut Butter and Pickle sandwiches, Peanut butter and ham on white bread, Peanut Butter on hamburgers isn’t unusual anymore, but how about a Peanut Butter Slathered Hot Dog?  My friend Sherman Kaplan swears he invented that.   🙂

Alpha Media tested out Dill Pickle Soup, which is a German and Polish restaurant staple.   Most agree the first taste is weird, but then it becomes slightly addicting.   The ones who hated it or who were afraid to try it were mum about it.

Otto and Anita’s restaurant in Southeast Portland serves a delicious version of it.

Here’s the recipe we used in case you’re in the mood to pucker up at dinner:


What’s your favorite strange food that tastes really good?   Leave a message on our Facebook page, or call 503-517-6101.



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