Watch White River Fire Update: At Least 14,391 acres; 10% Contained; 781 Personnel

Wasco County, Ore. – Officials are giving a live update on the fire’s condition Sunday evening on the White River Fire Information Facebook Page


White River Fire Update – Sunday, August 30th, 2020


Weather and Fire Behavior:  Temperatures and winds will moderate considerably today. Relative humidity is expected to be between the mid-teens and mid-twenties. Despite the cooler temperatures, extreme drought conditions still exist across the area. Fuels are very dry and the fire is moving quickly through the open grasses and fields.

Last 24 hours:  The east side of the fire saw significant fire activity both on the north and south corners, beginning early in the morning and continuing throughout the day. The fire followed the White River canyon, burning actively and making runs up and out of the canyon and spotting on the south side of the river. As the fire transitioned into the fine grasses it moved rapidly towards Juniper Flat where crews and engines worked to provide structure protection. Both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters were able to work the north and south sides of the fire, supporting crews on the ground with water and retardant. On the west side of the fire, crews continued to patrol and hold the containment lines on both the north and south edges. Overnight firefighters remained focused on structure protection and monitoring the progress of the fire in White River Canyon. Despite the challenging weather and fire behavior, there have been no structures damaged or lost.

Today’s Activities:  Firefighters will continue to provide structure protection on both the south and east portions of the fire while also assessing any threats to the values at risk, including residence. If conditions allow, both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters will be working along the fire perimeter.  On the west side of the fire crews will continue line construction, holding and improving containment around the perimeter. Fire managers will be evaluating options for controlling the fire on the south side of the White River corridor, while also continuing to support structure protection along side the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s team.

Oregon State Fire Marshal: Yesterday, the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Task Forces and our partners were busy protecting structures from fire that in some cases burned right up to the foundations. Firefighters were either able to extinguish the fire or guide it away from the homes. Local volunteer firefighters played a big role in protecting the community. Overnight and tomorrow firefighters will be out again working minimize this fire’s impact.

Evacuations:  The Wasco County Sheriff has issued the following evacuation notices. Notices are available on the Wasco County Sheriff Facebook page ( and an interactive map can be found at

Wasco County residents are encouraged to register for Wasco County Citizen Alert at: All emergency information including evacuations will be distributed through the citizen alert system.


All of Juniper Flats out to Hwy 197.

All residences on Smock Road west of the intersection of Smock Road and Ayres Road including all residences on Barber Lane and Barlow Road. EVACUATE NOW.

North of Victor Road, Claymier Road Old Wapinita Road and Paulson Road to the intersection of Paulson and Victor Road.

The area east from Bear Springs Ranger Station along Hwy 216 through Pine Grove to the intersection of Endersby Road and Hwy 216. Area includes all of Endersby Road, Linns Mill Road, Kelly Springs Road, and the community of Pine Grove. EVACUATE NOW.


Areas east of Hwy 197 including Old Wapinita Road and all of Oak Springs Road to the Deschutes River.

The area from Woodcock Road to Driver Road and to the intersection of Smock and Ayres Road, including Muller Road.

East of Wapinita Road. Reservation Road intersection to Old Wapinita Road. Kelly Cutoff intersection to include Victor Road to Juniper Flat Road to the area of Juniper Flat. Old Wapinita Road intersection to Hwy 197, along Natural Pasture Road to East Wapinita Road and Reservation Road intersection. This includes all residences along Hwy 216.


Tygh Valley to Pine Hollow, west side of Hwy 197 to include the beginning of Badge Creek Road. Fairgrounds Road to the intersection of Shadybrook and Fairgrounds going east to Hwy 197, including Davidson Grade Road, Tygh Valley Road, Wamic Market Road and Ross Road.

City of Maupin, west of the Deschutes River to include all roads up to Old Wapinita and Hwy 197 intersection.

The area of Pine Hollow and Wamic to include Price Road and the Price Road, Ross Road intersection. White River Road, Dodson Road and 3 Mile Road.

Area Closures:  Forest closure exists on the Mt. Hood National Forest. For updated forest closures associated with the White River Fire, including road, trail and recreation sites please check:





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