Washington Attorney General Announces Possible Run For Governor

Seattle, Wash. — Bob Ferguson, Washington State Attorney General, has announced his intention to explore a run for Washington Governor in 2024. He has officially launched an exploratory committee and plans to travel to every corner of the state to listen to Washingtonians. In his 3-minute video announcement, Ferguson unveiled an initial list of endorsements that include tribal leaders, the past three presidents of the Washington State Labor Council, and labor unions representing nurses, grocery workers, Hanford workers, truck drivers, corrections officers, and electricians. Additionally, he has set several goals for the exploratory phase of his campaign, which include visiting every corner of the state, earning 5,000 grassroots contributions from Washingtonians in all 39 counties, and earning 200 endorsements from elected officials.

Ferguson’s listening tour will begin in May with a trip to Eastern Washington. The tour will include public appearances, house parties, meetings with tribal governments, business leaders, and elected officials. Ferguson has lived and worked on both sides of the Cascades and has visited every Washington county as a candidate for Attorney General.

Ferguson’s exploratory committee will not accept campaign contributions from large corporations – continuing his policy as Attorney General. His campaign also announced the creation of the Bob Ferguson Legacy Scholarship Fund, which will provide tuition and other educational expenses for disadvantaged students who are pursuing a degree in law or public service.

Ferguson says his track record as Washington State Attorney General includes victories in stopping more than 50 illegal Trump Administration actions and policies, protecting DREAMers, blocking the U.S. Postal Service attack, defending the Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, and National Environmental Policy Act, and more. He has also expanded consumer protections for all Washingtonians, helped lead the national effort to combat the opioid epidemic, and proposed and passed several high-profile bills.

Ferguson made the announcement one day after current Governor Jay Inslee announced he would not be seeking a 4th term.