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Warriors As “The Dead”, Blazers As “The Living”: NBA/Game Of Thrones Breakdown!

Blazers – Rip City – everyone – this is a big one.

I don’t think I must go into great detail about what millions of Americans, hell, humans felt and experienced one Sunday night a little while back.

Game of Thrones Season 8: Episode 3;

An outnumbered, and largely out-matched army of people (Blazers) faced an onslaught from hoards of blood hungry demons, with no fear or feeling (Golden State Warriors).  This compelling fantasy and its most lovable characters, seemed somewhat doomed.

By the way, who likes zombies anyway?  No one, that’s who.  

But – let’s be honest – these zombies had been kicking ass a while in the show, similar to the Warriors’ recent success in the NBA.  In this fantasy world, the zombies probably would have been a safe bet.

I must assert – this is the case – with The 2019 Western Conference Finals.  Truly, I don’t think there is any more genuine way to describe it.

Blazers fans, look, let’s address it – I’m new.  But I come into this thing with fresh eyes.  I think it helps more than hurts.  So, I’ll say it plainly – and we all know it.  I won’t spend a ton of time or words on it.

The Warriors are damn good – damn near overwhelming.  When K.D. gets in there (Night King) they’re gonna be nie on unstoppable.

But guess what we’ve got…

Two mad as hell dragons named “Lillard” and “McCollum” – (channeling my inner Southerner now) and they shoot real fine fire…from real far away too.

(Back to me) Blazers Head Coach Terry Stotts (John Snow – he’s my John Snow deal with it) is looking feisty, even after Sunday’s Game 7 win over Denver.

Plus, we’ve got a whole bunch of seriously ticked off, sick and tired of the hate and disappointment, starving hungry, never say die Rip City fanatics (Winterfell).  And yes, I’m also talking about guys like Kanter (Big Red Haired wildling), Aminu (Jorah), Collins (Jaime Lannister), Rodney Hood (yep – Dani), Seth Curry (I’m doin it – Arya Stark), Meyers Leonard (Bree of Tarth, just go with it – he’s Bree of Tarth)…


This is it, ya’ll.  “Enemy’s at the gate”, if you might. 

But – It’s here and I’m tellin ya what.  I’m being serious now (a little emotional, really) There is still this….wonderful, indescribable – nie on…inspirational prize…just over that warm horizon.  It’s worth battling for, especially against long odds.  Phew – how sweet it would be too.

And, in just about anything, I’d rather go down battling anyway.  It’s better that way.

I’ll not leave this comparison to fantasy either.  Here’s a little actual world history.

The Greeks at Thermopylae – or – The infant United States against the mammoth Great Britain.  Look, longer odds and higher stakes have existed.

But this is it, ya’ll.  Let’s go slay these dudes.  Let’s go win this series – outlast ‘em…out battle ‘em.

Blazers players, if you’re reading this;

Run harder AND for longer – because that’s what you must do.

Think smarter and play smarter – because that’s what you must do.

Be faster and be quicker – because that’s what you must do.

Blazers fans;

Cheer smarter and be louder….because that’s what you must do….

This is IT, ya’ll…

That’s the only way.

So let’s just go do that.  It’ll be fun – and I bet…if we do it, we win 😉

Alright (shifting attention back) everyone else, you know this much – watching the humans getting the job done against the zombies in Game of Thrones the other night.  That was pretty cool to watch.

This Blazers thing could be that dang cool, or even better.  And hey, you might even find a new favorite sports team.

I did.

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