Vietnam Vet says Women Aren’t Safe in the Military

Sarah Blum is a veteran of the Vietnam War.   She was a combat nurse, and now travels the country talking about her service then, and what service is like for women now.  It’s not a cheery subject, because her discussions center around sexual assault in the military.   Her story is part of a four-part series by Washington County Disability, Aging and Veteran Services.   11,000 women were stationed in Vietnam. Army Corps Nurses arrived in Vietnam as early as 1956. 90% of women who served were volunteer nurses.  Sarah has written a book called WOMEN UNDER FIRE.   You can hear her story here:



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June marks the 75th anniversary of the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, which granted women the right to serve as regular, permanent members of the armed services for the first time. To honor this occasion, Washington County Disability, Aging and Veteran Services (DAVS), in partnership with Tualatin Valley Community Television (TVCTV), produced a four-part series to highlight women in the armed forces. Beginning June 8, the 30-minute episodes will air at 7 p.m. on four consecutive Thursdays on Frontier Communications channel 30 and TVCTV’s YouTube channel. Each episode covers a different topic and includes a panel of women veterans as well as a featured guest. service as Beaverton’s mayor.

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