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VIDEO: Salem WinCo Customers Not Wearing Face Coverings Not Allowed to Check-out

SALEM, Ore –  A cell phone video on YouTube has surfaced.  It appears to show several senior citizens not being allowed to pay for their groceries at the WinCo Grocery Store on Commercial St. SE in Salem on New Year’s Eve.

The WinCo clerk is shown shutting down the machine and refusing service to a woman.  The man taking the video claims they were allowed to shop throughout the store without masks, but were denied the ability to check-out.  One of the women in the video claims she is being touched and even assaulted.  Both sides threaten to call the authorities a number of times and it sounds like they were in fact called.

A rally to support the right to not wear masks inside the store is set for this Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

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