Video Released In Shooting Of Man By Hillsboro Police

HILLSBORO, Ore. — Video released late Friday afternoon shows the events leading up an officer-involved shooting earlier this month.

Police say 20-year-old Jose Juan Aguilar-Mandujano attacked Lieutenant Neil Potter near his patrol car at Southeast 10th and Washington near the north end of the police department on the afternoon of August 19th.  Once on the ground, he tried to take Lieutenant Potter’s handgun.

These videos show the unprovoked attack against Lt. Potter, his attempt to disengage and the suspect’s continued attack of the officer, which knocked him to the ground.  Potter suffered broken facial bones and a concussion.  He is continuing to recover from his injuries.

The lieutenant shot Aguilar-Mandujano three times in the head area and once in his shoulder.  He’s fighting for his life in a hospital.

His sister, translating for his father, says the officer should have been trained to handle the situation better.  “He is only a young man.  The officer was not able to stabilize him first with a taser,” said Gabriela Aguilar-Mandujano.

Credit: KGW

The man’s family says he did not have a weapon.  They’re asking why he was shot and are threatening legal action.

Lieutenant Potter is a 23-year veteran of the Hillsboro Police Department.

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