Victims React as Jogger Rapist About to be Set Free

 A man called the “jogger rapist” is about to walk free.  Some of his victims warn, he’s likely to strike again.

Tiffany Eden was just 13 years old, when Richard Gilmore broke into her home, beat her, and raped her. “He did this to 8 other girls,” she said.

Gilmore confessed to attacking 9 girls and women, but because of a legal loophole, was only convicted of one.

Gilmore’s victims are criticizing the decision to release him  as a low risk offender. He’s scheduled to get out of prison on December 16th.

Danielle Tudor, another one of Gilmore’s victims says he should only be let out as a high risk sex offender which would allow the community to know exactly where he is, instead he’s being released as a low risk offender.  She tells news partner KGW: “It is very surreal and very scary.”  

Tudor believes Richard Gilmore is someone who will reoffend.

He became known decades ago in Oregon as the “Jogger Rapist.”  He’ll be housed in Northwest Portland.

The state decided on Gilmore’s offender status with the help of a risk assessment tool called Static-99R. It gauges the sexual recidivism rate for prisoners convicted of sex crimes. 

Tudor says there is no way Gilmore is a low-risk offender, and she thinks he will reoffend. That partly explains why she lives out of state — but she has family in Oregon and they are taking precautions.

“We spent this weekend putting up cameras, Ring doorbell and all sorts of other stuff, and getting them a monitored security system — because I take that threat that seriously,” said Tudor. 

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