Vancouver, WA – Mac Potts is only 27 years old. He’s from Vancouver, Washington, and he’s blind. He plays the piano, he tunes and sells pianos, and he almost became the next American Idol. KXL’s Jacob Dean talked with him about winning his golden ticket to Hollywood and what it was like behind the scenes.

He tried out a couple years ago during open auditions in Portland but didn’t make the cut. But then a scout reached out to him and encouraged him to try out again. Competition got tough in Hollywood. But Mac has played some big shows here locally around town so he was ready. But it only got harder, contestants singing and performing and all day long. It was physically and mentally exhausting, so much that Mac almost lost his voice during competition so he had to dial it back. Then the sad news, he was cut and didn’t make it to the next round. Mac says he’s at peace with not making it. But what hurts him the most, was no one will never get to see him on TV. He like many contestants at that level, didn’t get any air time. Mac says all he was given was some photos from the shows producers.

There was a silver lining for Mac and it came from celebrity Judge Lionel Richie. Richie made it clear to Mac he was the real deal, and this was only just the beginning for the 27-year-old blind piano player from Vancouver.

Mac has just released a brand new album on CD and online. It’s called Three. You can see him performing with Michael Allen Harrison’s Ten Grand shows and find his videos on Facebook and Youtube.

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