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Use Discretion When Calling 911 For Fireworks

Portland Fire and Rescue is asking people you use discretion when calling 911 this Independence Day.

The 911 dispatch call center at the Bureau of Emergency Communications receives several thousands of calls a day. On the Fourth, they get about 1,000 calls just about fireworks. It’s those calls that tie up resources that would be better used for life-saving help.

Portland Fire and Rescure’s Lt. Rich Chatmant told out news partner KGW “Because we get so many calls especially during those peak hours of the evening of July 4th, we want people to use good diligence when deciding what’s an emergency and what’s not,”

A spokesperson with the Bureau of Emergency Communications said only call 911 if there is an emergency or if something is on fire.

The Oregon Fire Marshal wants to remind people to be safe and not break the law on this Fourth of July. Unless you have a permit exploding fireworks like Roman Candles, and Bottle Rockets are against the law in Oregon. All fireworks are illegal on public lands, like State forests, beaches, parks, and campgrounds.
Fire fighters would like you to follow the FOUR “B’s”: “Be Prepared, Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Aware”.

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