Unanswered Questions 10 Years After Kyron Disappears

PORTLAND, Ore. — 10 years ago today, Kyron Horman, then 7-years-old went missing from Skyline Elementary School in Northwest Portland.

Mother Desiree Young tells FM News 101 that she still believes she will get answers as to what happened to him.  “I know Terri Moulton is to blame,” Young said.

When Desiree found out Kyron’s school bus driver saw the boy get into his stepmother’s pickup truck and leave the school that day she said, “Surely Terri will be arrested now”.  So far that has not happened.

There are several new revelations in the newly released book, “Boy Missing: The Search For Kyron Horman“.

The Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill and Sheriff Mike Reese released a video statement this morning.

There will be a vigil at 7:30 this evening and a balloon release at Brook Hill Historic Church on Skyline Blvd. right across the street from Skyline Elementary School.  The vigil can be seen live on the “Missing Kyron Horman” Facebook page.

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