Umatilla Flood Joint Information Center – Umatilla County Sheriff’s office is issuing the following notice:
Residence of North East Umatilla County including Gibbon/Bingham Road and Mill Creek are advised to assess their resources and determine whether they are able to shelter in place for several weeks.
Rescue crews will be on the ground and in the air on Saturday, February 8, 2020, to attempt to make contact with residents.
Helicopter crews suggest waving your arms to let them know you need help.
If you know you will need to be evacuated and you have access to a phone, call 911.
Local law enforcement and emergency rescue crews want local residence to know that we are with you through this and will do all we can to make contact and provide assistance. We recognize the stress and uncertainty that lay ahead. You may be cut off, but you are not alone in this situation.
Search and Rescue Teams will be distributing the following notice:
An evacuation advisement has been issued for this area.
You are advised to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!
Gather any belonging and make efforts to protect your home.
If you stay, you should understand that emergency services may not be available to assist you further.
Make sure you have sufficient food and water for several weeks.
Roads in your area are damaged due to flooding. There is an undetermined amount of time for road repair.