Uber Driver Recounts Night He Was Shot, Passenger Killed
Courtesy MGN Online

PORTLAND, Ore. — Police are still trying to find the person who shot into a Portland Uber driver’s car, killing one person and injuring the driver. 

The night of July 19th,  Josiah Kuehl was dropping off a passenger on North McClellan Street, near Denver Avenue.  A car pulled up.   Then, someone inside began firing shots. “The first round I instantly heard I knew it was gunfire going over,” he said.

He drove away, then discovered the passenger,  25 year old Zamere Bentley, was no longer alive.

Josiah, survived, and is out of the hospital now,  telling news partner KGW, “I took a graze to the back of the hand and took three rounds to the arm right here.”

He’s hoping police will track down the shooter.

The husband and father of three is beyond grateful to be alive, but he still has a long way to go before he feels like himself again.

“The biggest, hardest hit is I can’t help out as much as I used to,” Kuehl said. “I can’t pick up my son well. I can’t change his diaper. I can’t do it one-handed.”

“Nobody followed us or anything,” he said. “What I should’ve caught on to, which didn’t seem abnormal until it was all said and done — the person on the phone kept asking exactly what time they’d show up.”

Kuehl spent about a week in the hospital before medical staff discharged him. Since then, he has done his best to go about his life. He has even attended a concert, but by no means has it been easy.

“I think I’m blessed but I feel sorry for the passenger,” Kuehl said. “That’s what I keep thinking when I think back to that night. Could I help him? I wish I could have done more.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Portland Police Bureau.

Kuehl’s family has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help with expenses in the wake of the shooting.

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