Two Woodland Teachers Go Above and Beyond for Students

Two teachers at Woodland Public Schools alternative TEAM High School have qualified to teach all subjects, a feat that’s not usually done.  Jillian Domingo and Elizabeth “Liz” Vallaire,, have earned every nearly every teaching endorsement possible.

Washington State permits educators to teach certain classes without endorsements in particular circumstances if they receive school board approval.  Bot Domingo and Vallaire have dedicated themselves to changing that by earning additional endorsements in order to provide their students with the highest quality learning experience, even if the school’s relatively small size means fewer teachers.  Between the two of them they can teach 150 classes.  It allows them to spend more time with the students because the kids remain with them for all of their classes as opposed for only singe 50 minute classes a day.

Their dedication to their students has earned them both the KXL Everyday Hero!


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