Two Newberg School Board Members Quit

NEWBERG, Ore. — Two members of the Newberg School Board announced their sudden resignations on Tuesday night.

Rebecca Piros and Brandy Penner both cite the board’s questionable decisions over the past year as reasons to leave.  Piros claims the board has abused its power by condoning hate through name calling, homophobic slurs and sexism.  Penner calls the board’s actions illegal and immoral.

“The board’s actions and decisions this past year have broken my heart.  I find I can no longer work with people who I feel do not have the best interest of every student and every staff member at heart,” Piros said.

“It is a great professional and personal disappointment that in the last year, I have been part of a school board that is laser-focused on destroying not only public education but our community,” said Penner.

The board voted to officially accept the resignations.

Last fall, the board voted to ban flags and signs on campus, less than two months later fired their superintendent for not implementing the ban and hired a controversial superintendent last month.  Two board members survived a recall vote this past January.

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