Two Groups March on 26th Night of Portland Protests

PORTLAND, Ore. — Two groups of demonstrators gathered in the city on Monday evening for a 26th night of protests.  Police made two arrests during the demonstrations.

A group of a few hundred led by Rose City Justice met at the football field at Jefferson High School in North Portland for a “Black Lives Matter” rally.  They marched through the neighborhood for several hours.  Part of the march was meant to highlight the life and death of Kendra James, who was shot and killed by Portland Police during a traffic stop on the Skidmore overpass at Interstate 5 in 2003.  The event remained peaceful and police did not intervene.

Another group gathered near the Multnomah County Justice Center downtown and marched in the street, blocking traffic on Southwest 2nd and 3rd Avenues.  Police gave several warnings before arrests were made and the crowd dispersed around 12:30am.

A vehicle was parked unlawfully in a police-only zone and had been warned to move.  The vehicle was stopped and towed.  The driver was arrested.

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