Two Earthquakes Hit Near Mt. St. Helens

Morton, Washington – Did you feel it? There was a 3.9 magnitude earthquake just after 12:30am Wednesday morning, centered in Morton, WA which is near Mt. St. Helens. Some who live near the Gorge and around the Portland area on social media say they felt it. According to the USGS, there was another 2.7 magnitude aftershock in the same area about three minutes later.

Robert Sanders at the National Earthquake Information Center in Colorado says they’ve received 135 reports on their web site from people who felt the tremor. It was felt from Portland to Seattle.

He says ” at this point in time, I would say there’s nothing significant going on. When concern would come out is if we  see a large series of these large earthquakes. But general seismicity in this area is very common and an earthquake of this magnitude is not a rare occurrence in this part of the country.”

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