Trimet To Raise Fare Prices For First Time Since 2012

PORTLAND, Ore – Trimet’s Board of Directors voted today to raise the rates of 2.5 hour tickets, as well as day pass tickets starting January, 2024. Monthly pass rates will not increase.

Adult 2.5 hour tickets will raise by 30 cents each, while day passes will rise by 60 cents. Honored Citizen and Youth rates will go up by 15 cents and 30 cents for a 2.5 hour ticket, and a day pass respectively.

Despite a crowd’s objection, every Director voted to increase the rates except one, Kathy Wai. She says they should have taken more time to find a way to increase revenue without raising prices.

On top of the fare increase, Trimet also adopted a budget for the following year, $825.4 million in day-to-day operating expenses and $328.3 million in capital and operating projects. Along with those expenses and other financial requirements, the budget comes to $1.93 billion.

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