PORTLAND, Ore. — All TriMet employees including outside vendors and contractors are required to wear a face covering while on the job starting Monday.

The transit agency is working closely with state officials to take measures to keep riders, operators and employees safe and healthy.  So you’ll see more operators, fare inspectors and cleaning crews wearing disposable masks or face coverings.  Those who have a medical exemption or who do not work closely around others will not be subject to the requirement.

Riders are highly encouraged to cover their face and stick to the assigned seating to keep at least six feet away from other passengers.  Ridership for the week of April 26th was up more than 30,000 trips from the previous week.  TriMet is still only encouraging essential travel.

26 buses and trains have been removed from service since late March to be disinfected after concerns that somebody sick was on board.  Here’s a look at that process:

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