Portland, Ore. — The man dubbed the TriMet Barber, Jared Walter, will not be allowed to ride TriMet ever again.

The public transit agency handed down it’s first ever lifetime ban Thursday to Walter who currently is behind bars facing charges of Sex Abuse and Harassment.

The 32-year-old, has been previously convicted or implicated in numerous instances of cutting, gluing or ejaculating into women’s hair on TriMet buses.

TriMet Spokeswoman, Roberta Altstadt says this was not a decision reached lightly. “We understand that public transit is a necessity for so many and taking away the ability to ride is definitely an extreme one.  But our general manager (Doug Kelsey) does believe in this case that it is what is needed.”

Walter can appeal the decision. Part of the ordinance allows the person banned to appeal every 12 months according to TriMet’s website:

If Walter is able to receive treatment and prove he has been rehabilitated, he could seek to modify or even end the exclusion. As stated in the ordinance, he will have the right to a hearing to appeal the ongoing exclusion once every 12 months. Victims of the crime that prompted the exclusion would be allowed to make a statement to the Hearings Officer.

Walter is the first person to receive a lifetime ban on TriMet.

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