Multnomah County, Oregon – Update: Trimet just released a statement on Walter’s recent arrest:

TriMet appreciates the quick work of Transit Police in this case and the help the victim and witnesses provided. We hope the woman allegedly targeted will be okay.  In addition to arresting Mr. Walter, Transit Police issued a 90-day exclusion to Mr. Walter.

TriMet does have the authority to issue a long-term exclusion beyond 90 days. We put this authority in place following Mr. Walter’s previous convictions. As Mr. Walter is currently in jail, and an exclusion is in place if he is released, we will take the time to investigate and to be deliberate as we determine next steps. Once we have additional information, we will evaluate whether the alleged conduct may qualify for a longer exclusion.

A long-term exclusion must meet the requirements provided in TriMet Code Chapter 28.18. Specifically, it states that long-term exclusions of more than six months are limited to incidents in which someone commits “a serious physical offense” against another person on the TriMet system, or someone “poses an immediate and serious threat to the safety of TriMet riders and employees.” TriMet’s General Manager may issue an exclusion longer than one year for a first offense if, based on the preponderance of the evidence, the person committed a serious physical offense, which is classified as a felony, or that the individual poses an immediate threat to the safety of TriMet riders and employees. The Code does not require TriMet to wait for the conclusion of criminal proceedings or the charges issued by the District Attorney.  A long-term ban is an exclusion longer than 90 days and up to a lifetime exclusion.

We do not take the issuance of a long-term ban of using public transit lightly. In fact, TriMet has never issued a long term exclusion past 90 days. The safety of our riders and employees remains of the utmost importance and, if warranted under the circumstances and supported by the evidence, TriMet will use the long-term exclusion to prevent someone from using the transit system.


Original story:

He inappropriately touched a woman on a Trimet max train. The man known as the Trimet Barber, Jared Walter, has been arrested again. Portland police say this most recent incident happened on Monday. Officers investigated and talked with witnesses. They arrested Walter yesterday. He’s admitted to cutting women’s hair on the bus and sexually assaulting multiple victims. As part of his previous arrest and probation Trimet temporarily banned him from riding. That probation ended awhile back. Walter has been arrested 17 times before this would be the 18th. Walter will go before a judge this afternoon.

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On March 26, 2019, members of the Transit Police Division arrested 32 year-old Jared Weston Walter for several crimes relating to an incident on March 25, 2019, involving the inappropriate touching of a woman riding on MAX.

During the investigation, officers took witness and victim statements. Further investigation revealed similar incidents involving the same suspect that occurred in the previous years. Walter was lodged into the Multnomah County Detention Center on one count each Harassment (Offensive Contact), Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree, Harassment (Sexual Harassment) and Interfering with Public Transportation.

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