Train Derailment Damages Overpass on North Lombard

PORTLAND, Ore. — North Lombard is closed near the entrance to Terminal 4 after a Union Pacific train derailed on Tuesday morning and damaged an overpass just south of N Terminal Road.

The closure is from Terminal Road to Roberts Avenue.  The Portland Bureau of Transportation says Terminal 4 can be accessed from the north.

“I’m a truck driver and I had to turn around right there by Terminal 4.  It’s going to be closed for a while because when the train derailed it also damaged one of the support beams,” trucker Craig Covey told FM News 101 KXL.  He says the damage is on an overpass that truckers use frequently.

Engineers are assessing how severe the damage is and what’s needed to repair the overpass.  PBOT expects the road to remain closed through at least the rest of the day.

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