Thursday May 25, 2016 – Happy National Paper Airplane Day!

Outta Seats?

SACRAMENTO, Cal – May 25th is an unofficial American holiday – National Paper Airplane Day. It’s a day paper airplane lovers around the world set aside to appreciate the art and craft of folding a piece of paper into a shape that will fly.

There are lots of ways to make a paper airplane. Most of us started doing it sometime in grade school. Occasionally, a student will fold one and let it fly in class and get in trouble. Folding and flying them together as a family is known to provide health and physical fitness benefits as well as family bonding.

Kevin Saunders from Sacramento has a serious passion for making paper airplanes. He created the website: to showcase some of his stuff which includes some simple models all the way up to complicated ones that may take an expert an hour to create. In fact, Ken is offering up a free autographed “Spirit” paper airplane to the first person to send him a selfie with his “XO” model found on his webiste. (Email Ken at: )

A lot of area school kids have a 4-day weekend heading into Memorial Day, the perfect time to create something cool and see how far it will fly.



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