Throwing the Political Football

The NFL protest ramped up over the weekend after President Trump told supporters at a rally that he would like the NFL to fire the “sons of bitches” who take a knee during the national anthem.

Then this:

As a News Director, it is my job to represent both sides of a controversy.  Having said that, I will pose my thoughts today in the form of a question.  Actually, a few questions.

Is it an Anti American protest or a way to speak out against anti racial inequality?

Is there a better way for the President of the United States to send a message about flag respect without saying he’d “fire the sons of bitches?”

Is there a better way for highly paid NFL players to fight for equality than to kneel during the anthem?

When a team refuses to come to the field has it gone too far in this protest?

What do you think about all of this?  I’d love to know.



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