Thousands Of Dollars Of Christmas Decorations Stolen

Portland, Ore. — North Portland small business, Bloke Botanical fell victim to a weekend break-in, leaving owner Justin Waddell grappling with substantial losses. The incident occurred early Sunday morning, with two individuals making off with a significant haul, including rare Christmas decorations and multiple Christmas trees.

Waddell stated that the perpetrators seemed well-informed about their targets, demonstrating a calculated approach in their actions. Among the stolen items were nearly 30 plastic Santa decorations, some of which were valued at almost a thousand dollars each due to their rarity. Waddell believes the break-in was premeditated, indicating a level of planning by the culprits.

Surveillance footage captured two men executing the theft swiftly, completing the operation in approximately 15 minutes. The stolen Christmas decorations alone accounted for a loss of nearly ten thousand dollars.

The aftermath of the break-in painted a chaotic scene at Bloke Botanical, with ornaments shattered, and plants strewn across the premises. Despite the substantial financial setback, Waddell remains resilient, expressing determination not to let the incident overshadow the holiday season.

Waddell recounted his initial discovery of the break-in with our news partner KGW, describing the disarray at the front of the store and the realization that everything had been taken. Despite the challenging circumstances, he is heartened by the support pouring in from the community and friends.

“This community showed up. It’s uncomfortable to receive support, but this is a time when we actually need it,” remarked Waddell, emphasizing the significance of the backing he is receiving during this trying period.