This Is Why We Do This

This will be my last blog of 2017 and I’m feeling a bit reflective.  In this day and age of “fake news”, political fighting, social media trolling, crime, and natural disasters,  it’s easy to feel like we are just the messenger of bad news.  It’s also easy to forget that we also pass along a lot of good news too.  I was reminded of this just today with an email from a listener.  Rosemary Reynolds recently did a series on foster care in Oregon.  Here’s the email she received after the series ran:


We have had 20 new foster family inquiries since the story aired, and a handful of folks interested in volunteering, as well. Your story beautifully captured the need and provided such a clear avenue for response. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It’s a honor to get to do this work with you.



Brooke Gray

Executive Director | Embrace Oregon & Every Child”


This is one of countless emails and comments we get each year.  It is what inspires us and hopefully keeps you listening too.  This isn’t bragging or patting ourselves on the back, it’s really just putting what we do into context.

On behalf of our whole staff,  have a wonderful Christmas, holiday break, and New Year too.  We sure appreciate you.

Rebecca Marshall

Morning Anchor

News Director



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