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The Wackiest Real Life Police Chase I’ve Ever Seen

I saw it first on social media and I just couldn’t believe what I’d seen.  I admit it.  I consciously disregarded it entirely…scrolled down…next.

But then I saw it again later while reviewing more trustworthy news sites.

I’m talking about the crazy news video out of Virginia showing local police trying to capture a triple murder suspect.

I’ll repeat – a triple murder suspect.

Look, I must warn you.  Despite the fact it is no laughing matter, you will most likely chuckle (at least a little) at what you’re about to see.

At first, it looks just like a scene out of “Reno 9-1-1”.  But it isn’t.  It’s real.

I encourage you to stick with it for as long as you can;

What a strange scene, right?

What you saw are the moments shortly after 18-year-old Matthew Thomas Bernard (the fleeing naked man) had allegedly murdered two women and a 1-year-old child.

This happened on Tuesday in the tiny town of Keeling, Virginia.  The victims killed were the wife, daughter, and mother-in-law of Minor League Baseball pitcher Blake Bivens.

Bernard is identified as Biven’s brother-in-law.

Perhaps the likely “high profile” nature of the case (involving a professional athlete’s family) made officers extremely hesitant to rough Bernard up during the pursuit, but I must say — that first officer we see in the video — seemingly fearful of an unarmed naked man — may be out of a job by next week.

It doesn’t look good for him.

And I’ve heard people raise an intriguing question about what we see here.

What if the guy had been Black or Hispanic?

“What if?”, right?

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