The History Of Around The House

The History of “Around the House” We are in the middle of the 30th year of “Around the House”
I have been working with Handyman Bob to record the history of this show. When Handyman Bob handed over the ownership of the show to me it was a great honor but I also wanted to preserve the history of the show. This is what Handman has sent me last week.

On November 9, 1987 the team of Brian Jennings & Jeff Grimes did their last KXL morning news together after 15 years. The longest tenured radio news team in the West. Jeff Grimes would team with Steve Leader. On November 30, 1987 KXL re-affiliated with the Mutual Broadcasting System and dropped the ABC Talk Radio Network. In Spring 1988 Brad Eaton began hosting 1 to 4pm weekdays. In April 1988 “Around The House With Bill Rooney” replaced “How To With Pete Prlain” which moved to KVIX. By May 1988 “The Auto Doctor” with Don Schofield was on Saturdays 10 to Noon. In early Summer 1988 Dave Paull (formerly on KJIB, aka Paul Dawson KACI ND, aka Dave Paull KMCM ND, KUIK, KOIN, KGW ND, KCNR) began hosting weekends.

On October 6, 1998 it was announced KXL & FM sister were sold to Rose City Radio Corp. (Paul G. Allen, C.E.O.; Bert E. Kolde, Vice-Chairman) for $55 Million. Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft, owns Vulcan Northwest, Inc., Vulcan Ventures, Inc. and The Portland Trail Blazers. (FCC approval on 11-30-98). By November 1998 “The KXL Morning News” was anchored by Mary McDermott & Brian Calvert 5 to 9am. “The KXL Afternoon News” was anchored by Steve Leader & Carolyn Myers 4 to 6pm. “The KXL Weekend Morning News” was anchored by John Leisher & Diana Jordan 6 to 9am. “Around The House With Bill Rooney” was on Saturdays 11am to 1pm. “Dave & Dwight” (Dave Anderson, formerly on KKEY & Dwight Slade) were on Sundays 1 to 3pm. In January 1999 Mary McDermott moved to WISN-TV.

On December 14, 2000 KXL cancelled its 4 to 7pm afternoon news block and added an affiliation with Jones Radio Networks. Also on this date, Steve Leader was added to “The KXL Morning News” with Rebecca Marshall. “The Lars Larson Show” also moved on this date, Noon to 4pm. By January 2001 Mike Beard (formerly on KGW News) was added to the KXL News staff. Also “The KXL Weekend Morning News” was anchored by Dave Kohl & Sharon Mitchell (formerly on KGW-TV News) 5 to 9am. On April 8, 2001 the KXL weekend program “Cooking Outdoors With Mr. Barbecue” (Bruce Bjorkman) debuted Noon to 1pm Saturdays. Also by this time “Around The House” with Bill Rooney was moved 11am to Noon Saturdays. In May 2001 Gale Cunningham (formerly KRDR ND, KJIB/KWJJ ND, KPAM-860; later KFIS/KTRO ND) became a reporter. In August 2001 Mike Maloney became National Sales Manager for Rose City Radio Corp., as well as Local Sales Manager for KXL.
On February 9, 2008 yet another KXL weekend show debuted “Around The House” with handyman Bob Strong, Saturdays Noon to 2pm. The program was picked up for statewide distribution via the Radio Northwest Network.
On March 7, 2015 Eric G Joined Around the House with Handyman Bob with Eric G.
August of 2017 Handyman Bob (after nearly a decade of “Around the House”) retired and handed off the microphone to Eric G.

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