The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Gets Hit With A Slew Of Covid-19 Cases

A total of twenty-two cases of coronovirus have been linked to the Clackamas county Sheriff’s office. Out of those cases only seven were actual employees. The other cases that were confirmed, were those who knew the employees. Like friends or family.

All seven employees are deputies.

In a written statement earlier today, Sergeant Mendoza of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s office outlines some steps they’re implementing to help curb the spread.

He noted that masks and social distancing protocol has been in place for sometime now.

Some other things being done. Remote work assignments for some civilian staff, temperature checks upon entering the facilities, asking employees to not come to work if sick, and they have also implemented strict COVID protocols in the jail

Contact tracing has revealed only 1 of the seven cases are believed to have been contracted while working.

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