Ted Wheeler Will Not Seek Third Term As Portland Mayor

Portland, Ore. — Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced on Wednesday that he will not seek a third term in office. In a letter addressed to Portlanders, Mayor Wheeler outlined his administration’s efforts over the past seven years, including initiatives related to homelessness, public safety, livability, and economic recovery. He highlighted the creation of the Focused Intervention Team, homeless Temporary Alternative Shelter Sites, the Street Services Coordination Center, the Public Environmental Management Office, and the ’90 Day Reset’ strategy in targeted neighborhoods.

Mayor Wheeler – Letter to Portlanders

Mayor Wheeler emphasized his commitment to building on these efforts and implementing voter-approved changes to the city’s charter. He expressed his belief in the importance of accountable and responsive government, noting that serving as the Mayor of Portland had been a humbling privilege.

As questions arose about whether he would seek a third term in 2024, Mayor Wheeler stated that his focus over the next 15 months would remain on addressing the city’s critical challenges and reshaping city government. Consequently, he made it clear that he would not pursue another term as Mayor but affirmed his dedication to his current leadership role.

Mayor Wheeler expressed confidence in the steps taken to address Portland’s current issues and pledged to continue progressing toward a better future for the city.